Medical cannabis production is one of the fastest growing agri-biotech industries in Canada. The federal government’s legalization in 2018 of the non-medical use of cannabis will further expand cannabis production and distribution into a regulated, multibillion-dollar industry.

A major issue for the rapidly developing cannabis industry is access to well-defined plant varieties with supporting scientific information on value defining plant traits. Of particular importance are cannabis metabolites that confer the plant’s unique pharmacological and sensory properties. In this project, we are using advanced genomics and metabolite profiling to deliver fundamental knowledge and applications relevant to the diverse molecules present in cannabis.

The project is a university-industry collaboration under the leadership of Dr. Joerg Bohlmann (Professor, University of British Columbia, Michael Smith Laboratories) and Dr. Jonathan Page (President and CSO, Anandia).

This project, valued at approximately $250,000, is funded through Genome BC’s Sector Innovation Program.